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  1. Hohner (Genuine) Bravo II -48 bass. 26 piano keys. Black.
    - light MM Tremelo tuning. Two treble reed blocks and two treble registers. Allows playing in the keys of C,G,D,A,F, and Bb. With gig bag and straps. In stock. Light weight. Fun to play. Warrantee 180 days. All Brand New.  $2165

  2. Hohner-Hohnica 48, model 1304, China. Red exterior.
    - 48 bass. 26 piano keys. Two treble reed blocks and three treble registers. Light tremelo MM tuning. Comfortable size. Allows playing in the keys of C,G,D,A,F, and Bb. With gig bag and straps. In stock. Everything checked. Warrantee 90 days. All Brand New.  $1175,

  3. Hohner Bravo III, 72 bass, 34 piano keys.
    - Continental LMM tuning. Black. 5 treble registers; three bass registers. With gig bag and straps. Lightweight. Plays in all keys. In stock. Warrantee 180 days. All Brand new. 

  4. New Hohner Gig case.
    - for 72-bass accordion, padded black. $275


  1. Hohner Atlantic IV Delux accordion. Made in Germany.    SOLD
    - Has new pallet pads direct from Hohner Germany installed by Henry Riedstra. Has convenient Palm switch for master. LMMH--4 treble reeds, 11 treble registers, 3 bass registers. Excellent sound AND tuning. Has the quiet mute device if you need to use it - simply operated by a slide on the grill.Reeds, reed valves, wax all in fine condition. Body in great condition. Includes original Hohner case also in very fine condition. Includes good straps. 10 kg=22lbs. Warrantee 180 days. $1800.

  2. Excelsior model 506 accordion.
    Made in Italy. High quality modern.
    - 41 keys, 120 basses. 17.5" keyboard (Slightly smaller size and weight). Two sets of treble reeds and four sets of bass reeds. LM --three treble registers (switches), and two bass registers. 20 lbs. Very fine condition.
    - Warrantee 90 days.
    - Has good used case and straps. $1200.

  3. Camerano accordion. Made by Scandalli in Camerano, Italy.
    Very fine clean condition.
    Made in Italy, high quality reeds for beautiful tone, model 830/38, lightweight accordion. Complete 41- key, 17 -inch keyboard and full 120 bass section. Two reed (LM) treble section, and two registers in bass. Includes good quality, clean case. $895.

  4. Hohner accordion- made in Germany #cea816    SOLD
    - 34 keys, and full set of 72 basses.
    - two treble reeds per key allows straight or tremelo (like musette) sound
    - clear, full, happy sound with good volume.
    - fully serviced - plays extremely well.
    - free used straps.
    - weighs only 13.5 lbs.
    $675. ( a new one like this lists at $2250-$2650)

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