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Riedstra's Violin Shop Inc is a full service violin, viola, cello, bass and bow dealer and repair facility.  We also have  a new division that sells and services (minor repairs) all brass and woodwind instruments.

Members of our staff have a combined total of over 80 years experience and training to help you with your violin family instrument needs.

Job Opportunities: Click here for more information about one opening currently available.

Henry Riedstra, Honours B.A., B.Ed.: president, with over 30 years experience as a luthier (violin and bow maker/restorer) and appraiser. Apprenticed in violin making and restoration (1978-1984) with Pete Molenaar (professional European violin maker, restorer, appraiser, and reseacher) of Toronto . Henry undertook further in-depth training in appraisal and authentication, including some time with Dario D'Attili. Henry used to play the cello professionally in the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra, as well as performing free-lance and studio work. In addition to the cello, he also plays the violin. He has also been a teacher since 1979. Henry has also repaired brass and woodwind instruments for many years..
Interview with Henry

Linda Riedstra, B.A., B.Ed.: Store Manager and book keeper.

Violin and bow makers who work in our shops:

Quentin Bouvron In 2016, Quentin was granted the level of "Master Violin Maker and Restorer" in our shop. He is a graduate of the School of Violin Making
in Newark, England (2006). He received the position of full-time violin maker and restorer in our store in Kitchener in August 2006. His latest new-made violin has a wonderful sound, and is for sale in our store for $10000. He also does restorations, repairs, and varnish touch-ups to all violin family instruments.

Samir Azar Samir works for us doing violin family instrument repairs. He has many years of experience making and repairing instruments and was also an engineer.

Davin Riedstra, Assistant Manager.
He plays violin and trombone. He has an honours BA in Psychology from University of Waterloo, Ontario. He has three years training in violin repair in our shop and has started making his first violin.

Alex Baias started working for us in 2012. He is a fully trained bow maker and restorer with five years experience in France working for a top French bow maker. He also has five years experience making violin parts in Romania. He is presently making several bows in our shop as well as doing fine repairs, restorations and rehairing of violin, viola, cello and bass bows.

Other Musicians in our Family:

Richard F. Riedstra (1927-2011) was the head of Music at Elmira District Secondary School in Ontario, from 1965 to 1987. He was a professional French Horn player from 1946 to 2008, but also played the String Bass in Dance bands in the the 1950's. In addition, he wrote and arranged music for professional bands as well as conducting various bands and a youth orchestra in Canada.  

Maria G. Riedstra (1929-2013) was a professional violinist and the concertmaster of the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra in the 1960's - 1970's continuing thereafter as the principal second violinist. Many of her private violin students still play today, and several play professionally. See also taught string players in many elementary and secondary schools in Waterloo County, Ontario, for over fifteen years. In addition, she conducted church choirs and played piano, organ and accordion as a fine accompanist. She was the daughter of a Dutch musician-teacher-band leader who was also a composer / arranger of more than 300 pieces and books of accordion and piano music, named Henk Langerak

Lutzen Riedstra is a fine bassoonist.  

Job Opportunities: 

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Riedstra's Violin Shop
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