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Well known and respected in the world of music, the late Pete Molenaar was a chemist and professional luthier, who spent forty years researching the methods and achievements of the famous Cremonese masters. Molenaar's Stradivari-Cremona MysteryDisclosed shows how his logical and scientific approach is fully supported by historical evidence. The premise that the unique Cremona appearance and sound are linked to several common factors, consistent with modern scientific principles, is thoroughly developed and substantiated. Further corroboration is provided by fourteen pages of superb quality colour reproductions of twelve of Molenaar's instruments, showing a compelling similarity to the instruments of the Cremonese masters. The text of this 21.5 cm by 28 cm second edition has been expanded to 89 pages, and edited to be user-friendly. It features an excellent index which cross-references important names, concepts and technical terms to page numbers. The wood preparation techniques, and the making of the primer coats and varnishes most probably used by the Cremonese makers from the early 1500s until about 1775, are fully explained. The evidence is convincing, and most importantly the reader is shown how to make instruments that look like, and especially sound like the famous Cremonese.

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